Bicycle-Touring Europe 4th-October 2013

Bicycle-Touring Europe 4th-October 2013 Sibenik to Makarska. 84 miles. I’ve been cycling with Albert from Sheffield this afternoon and began to wish I wasn’t! It was all me me me! He was a triathlete, or so he said! And your typical sporty type! What he hadn’t done, I don’t know. It seemed he’d done and was good at every kind of sport going! But to be fair to him, he was in his sixty’s and still looked pretty fit. But didn’t he like to talk about it! Not much!! He also seemed to have very little respect for other road users and would quite happily ride alongside me and get in the way of other road users and then think it was them who was in the wrong when they tooted him! Even though he was in the middle of the road!

Luckily for me, despite him being such a great athlete! He only cycled about forty miles a day and stopped before I did as he’d done nearly sixty miles! Thank god for that. I thought I was going to have to spend the night with him (not literally, but you know what I mean!) When we parted company, he thanked me for riding with him. And said it was the best days ride he’d had in the two weeks he’d been here! Which made me feel really guilty, considering all I wanted to do was get rid of him! He also said that he didn’t like his own company! If he didn’t like it, why would I!! I only cycled another five miles or so before I stopped myself!

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