Friday 4th October. Janze to Angers. 66 Miles.

Bit of a boring ride today, a lot of the roads have been long and straight! But at least I’ve made it back to Angers.

Road sign
A lot of the roads in France have these along them

There’s been another strong wind today, but its been mainly on my back.

Chateau in Challain-La-Potherie

Decided to stop in Angers tonight and start back on the Loire Valley cycle route tomorrow.

Grand building
Grand theatre in Angers

4 Replies to “Friday 4th October. Janze to Angers. 66 Miles.”

  1. Beautiful buildings! I’d like to stay in a chateau. This is it – flat country is not necessarily best for cycling. It beats me how you can do over sixty day after day. Don’t forget to get back for November. You won’t know yourself with a stainless steel hip. Have you thought of getting toe clips? They can help on hills. (but not with flip flops)

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