Friday 5th October 2012 – Arkharly pass to Kalinino.

Arkharly pass to Kalinino. 75 miles.

Winter seems to be approaching fast! I just managed to get everything packed away and loaded on the bike just before it started to rain and it lasted all day! Think it would have been a really scenic day had the clouds not been so low!

It’s just been so cold today maybe because I’m in the mountains, I had a biggish climb today over 1200 metres. I was starting to get cold and hungry and was going to stop and cook some noodles as soon as I could find a bit of shelter, but luckily I came across this little cafe 2km from the top of the climb. Lamb and potatoes and a couple of cups of coffee, felt much better after that and a warm up, mind you I soon cooled down again coming down hill!

The rain eventually stopped about an hour before I did, as the clouds lifted I could see the mountains around covered in snow.

Hoping this’ll be my last night in Kazakhstan and I cross into China, although it does depend if there’s any big mountains in between!

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