Friday 6 March. Sandwich to Maidstone. 46 miles.

Thankfully I slept a lot better last night and was only awake from about 5! Well despite getting a relatively good night’s sleep it’s been a pretty abissmal effort on my part today what with not even 50 miles covered today! For some reason it took me till nearly lunchtime to reach Canterbury then when I got there I managed to just ride straight through it without seeing anything! I did have a puncture but that really didn’t take me that long to sort out. Maybe it was because I was taking the cycle route which passed through loads of small villages and I wasn’t really riding I was more sightseeing, or what I think is probably the real reason, I really didn’t know which direction I wanted to go in so spent most of my time looking at the map! Even now I’ve finished for the day I’m not too sure which way to go! Think I prefer my normal style of riding when I have a clear target to aim for be it Australia or whatever! After I’d managed to cycle straight through Canterbury I was following another cycle path along the river Stour which was rather pleasant despite having quite a strong headwind, after a while I left the river and stopped in a small village Chartham to look at my map (still undecided) when a motorbike pulled up along side and asked me what I was looking for, when I explained that I was undecided, Jo the girl on the motorbike invited me in to here place which was literally a 100 yards away to have a cup of tea and then make a decision. Jo was an artist she had loads of her paintings all over the walls she explained that she doesn’t really sell any but teaches others to paint, she also explained that she too had a cycle tour planned from Bangor in Wales back to her home. After chatting for while and pondering over my map and getting advice from her as to which way to go, I decided to leave. I wished her luck on her tour and left still undecided on which way to go! In the end I’ve made it here to Maidstone and I’m hoping that after a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to make a decision on where to go! Very much a day of indecision!

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