Bike-Ride To Australia 6th-January 2012

Bike-Ride To Australia Friday 6th-January 2012 Dhaka. After breakfast, I packed away my bike. It was all boxed up in just over an hour! I seem to be getting quite good at it now! Mind you. It might have something to do with so many people watching me! I tried to look as if I knew what I was doing! One of my spectators was an American. He was here having his teeth replaced! Apparently, it’s much cheaper here, even if you factor in the flights and hotel!

He’d said that he’d done some cycle touring many years ago, and his back wheel had collapsed on him! His spokes kept breaking! I suspect he wasn’t on a particularly good bike, as it was a one-off, and he’s never done it since! When he went, it did make me check my spokes! Which I’m happy to report all seemed okay to me. Slightly more worrying is that I was in quite a lot of pain with my back/leg afterwards, but I was okay after taking some painkillers. I think I’ve been off the bike for too long!

Two Asian girls
Tonight’s dinner guest’s!

Supper tonight was with two young girls! (lucky me) Neither of them spoke any English. I think they just wanted to be seen with the white man! I didn’t mind, I find it quite amusing, and besides, it passes the time!

That’s It

There’s nothing much else to say about today. It’s a Friday, like our Sundays, most places are closed, even Tully! So I couldn’t even go and sit at my favourite tea stall. I spent most of the day researching future trips, even though I’m still on this one, and watched Avatar, the film on the TV in the evening.

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