Cycle Touring India Friday 7th October. Mumbai 

Decided to take the bike out this morning, just to make sure that I’d put it together properly and a wheel wasn’t going to fall off!

The Dhobi Ghat

The other reason for getting the bike out was to go and see the Dhobi Ghat where nearly all the cloths from Mumbai come to get washed and apparently it’s all done by men and no women!
This was my first time back on the roads of India and I’d forgotten just how busy and chaotic they are! I’ve found that the best way to deal with them is to cycle like an Indian and put the blinkers on, don’t look left, right or behind just keep going ring the bell and let everybody else move out of the way! Which surprisingly works!

After going to the Dhobi Ghat I made my way back to the hotel to drop the bike off as I was now off to see the dabbawala’s, if I could find them! I tried yesterday but got the wrong time and place! Today I got the right time but the wrong place but luckily I quickly worked out that I was in the wrong place and moved catching the last few dabbawala’s heading off to deliver their tiffin tins.

A few of the dabbawalas
A few of the dabbawalas

Fingers crossed my phone seems to have settled down now and I’ve been able to access the Internet and it’s also not deleted anything today!

Tomorrow I hit the roads properly heading in a north easterly direction, who knows where I’ll end up, but that’s one of the reasons I like travelling the way I do, I just never know where I’m going to spend the next night!

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  1. Glad to hear the wheel didn’t fall off on your first trip out. The dhobi ghats are amazing and I remember reading about the tiffin delivery but we didn’t see them. Ethan and Isla still wondering why you’ve not come back in the mornings especially with so many noisy, dusty jobs left to do! Looking forward to following your progress. Stay safe. Martin, Nicky, Ethan and Isla.

    1. I only caught the end of the Dabbawalas but it was still good to see. Maybe get Dave to do the dusty work!!
      Say hi to Ethan and Isla from me.

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