Friday 8th May. Penafiel to Sagovia. 55 miles.

Hard and pretty boring ride today it’s just been open fields with nothing to see and there’s also been a very strong wind that I’ve been struggling against! I also got some sad news today about a friend that was involved in a fatal car accident and he’s currently in a hospital in London! Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery, my thoughts are with the family that lost somebody in the crash though. Met a nice Dutch couple last night who invited me over for a beer which is always a good start! He’s cycling and she’s driving with a caravan! So he never has to carry any luggage and when he arrives at a campsite she’s already there set up and waiting and he sets of in the morning leaving her to pack away! Now I like the sound of that, Julie take note it could be the way forward!! Photo; SagoviaSagovia

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