Friday 9th December 2011 – Getting ready to leave Mumbai

Think I’m going to like India! Curry for breakfast again first thing, it seems to be the norm. Been for a wander today, don’t feel threatened or intimidated at all, and certainly not being hassled to buy anything unlike Istanbul! Had some street food and some sugar cane juice, not sure if it’s a wise move or not! We’ll see tomorrow! Also decided to have a shave by a street trader, it cost me less than 50 pence. Not quite the same as Michael Palins shave when he was here, his was done by a blind man! It was dark when I had mine though and there wasn’t any lights!

Yesterday I went to a cafe/bar called Leopold’s apparently in the 2008 attacks on Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists this was one of the places they attacked killing 6 people. There are two windows inside that have been preserved with bullet holes still in them! This was told to me by an Indian sports presenter I met in there, he said he’s quite famous, not too sure about that I’ll Google him, but whatever he was a good laugh and good company. It’ll be good to get peddling again tomorrow, not really done any cycling for a week now! Think it’s going to be an adventure getting out of Mumbai!

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