Friday 9th November 2012 – Xringrenbu to Hongsden.

Xringrenbu to Hongsden. 85 miles.

Managed to get passed the toll booth and get back on the motorway this morning, it was a different it was a different entrance to yesterdays one, although I did hear some shouting as I rode through, I just decided to put my head down and pretend I didn’t hear! Spent the next hour waiting for somebody to come and get me, luckily it never happened!

Found a hotel tonight and went to check in but I wasn’t allowed, only certain hotels are allowed to take foreigners and this obviously wasn’t one of them, the manager even phoned the police to ask them, but they said no! Not put off by this the manager said that he would take me to a hotel that would let me stay. He told me to wait while he went to get his bike. He came back and off we set, towards the other hotel. He had a brand new mountain bike which he only got 3 days ago, so he was quite keen to show it off and have the opportunity to ride it.

When we got to the hotel he sorted everything out for me and even got them to let me keep my bike in my room! He also took me out for dinner in the evening! What a really lovely man.

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