Garry McGivern’s April-2022 Update

Garry McGivern’s April-2022 update, well, I’m still here, and there is no news on my hip, not good news anyway. I’ve started to re-post older posts, and poor little Indya had an accident and ended up in A&E.

Previously whenever I think the hospital has forgotten about me, I’ve always emailed my surgeon’s secretary. And she’s always contacted me more or less straight away. Unfortunately, she’s now left. And her email no longer works either. So I decided to phone. I wish I hadn’t!

Whoever has replaced her or is standing in isn’t very helpful at all. She wouldn’t even listen to me. She just kept saying I shouldn’t be phoning her and I needed to call admissions. I tried telling her that I’d already done that and I’m not an elective patient. I’m waiting to go in because of the infection I picked up in the hospital! But she just wasn’t having it.

So now I don’t know what’s going to happen or when I’m going to get this operation! I’ll probably get it when it’s too late, and the infection is so bad they’ll have to cut my leg off! (only joking, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen)


As all touring is out of the question at the moment. You may have noticed that I’ve started to re-post some of my older posts. Which, unimaginatively, I’ve been calling “On this day!” The idea, which is probably self-explanatory, is to look back at a certain day and see where I was touring on that day. As it’s early in the season, there’s not been a lot of tours to choose from, which just shows me that once I’m fit again, I need to get back out there and cycle a lot more!

I would have normally been on the Isle of Wight this weekend, the early May bank holiday. Excluding the past few years, of course, when the country was in Covid lockdowns. And it looks like I won’t be there this weekend either. But good luck to everybody that has gone, which I think is just two people. How different to how it used to be.

I do still go out on my bike most days. I just don’t go too far, and I think the furthest I’ve cycled in one day was thirty miles. And that wasn’t in one go!

Like Her Grandad

Unfortunately, just before Easter, Vicky was at a park with Indya, playing with her friends, when Indya fell and broke her arm. And she’s now walking around with her arm in a cast. I hope she’s not as accident-prone as her grandad, although things aren’t boding too well at the moment!

Girl with balloon
Indya with her arm in a cast

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