Garry McGivern’s April-2024 Update

April-2024 Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update. Well, what can I say? Once again, the weather has been pretty awful with plenty of rain, which at the beginning of the month was so bad it put me off from going away. And if it’s not the weather that’s stopped me, it’s been my health, but eventually, I managed to get a few days away camping, although that got curtailed.

After last month’s trip to the New Forest, I decided I needed to buy a tarp for my Hilleberg tent, which arrived at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, with all the rain we’ve had, my garden was too wet to try it out, and I had to wait until the middle of the month before I could get away and try it. I had planned to go to the New Forest for a couple of days. Try my tarp out, then head over to France. However, after receiving a phone call from the hospital, I had to change my plans.

Health, And The Ongoing Saga

You may remember last month that, I had an MRI scan that showed there had been some changes in my neck. After the scan, my local hospital decided that they needed to have a meeting with the neurosurgeons in Southampton to discuss my case. Haha, well, I learnt this month that the meeting was scheduled for the end of March, but for some reason, Southampton couldn’t or didn’t receive my scans so there was no discussion. But not to worry they would try again this month. I really can’t believe that one hospital can’t view or receive another hospital’s scans. Unbelievable.

Garry McGivern wearing sunglasses in the forest
I’m still smiling (sort of) despite all my woes

On the second day of my trip to the New Forest, I received a call from my local hospital. They had managed to have a meeting with Southampton, and they are now going to operate on my neck. (I’m not too sure how I feel about that. But it is what it is) But they now need to do a series of X-rays on my neck. And could I get to the hospital tomorrow? I could, but not until late in the day. I was down the New Forest, so an appointment was booked for the following Monday. That scuppered my plans for going to France, and I stayed down the New Forest for the next few days.

Back Home

I returned home on Sunday, ready for my X-rays on Monday morning. Guess what? My local hospital couldn’t do them! Once again, I’m now stuck in limbo, waiting for an appointment to come through from another hospital, unable to go away. Except I have and I’m currently down the New Forest again.

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