Garry McGivern’s August-2023 Update

It’s Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update for August-2023; this will be the first monthly update I’ve had to write for a few months. I’ve managed to be away cycling somewhere on the previous two. But not this month, which is partly through choice. It’s the summer holidays, and everywhere is busy, especially the campsites. So, I tend to steer clear.

I returned home from my Benelux tour at the end of July because of a physio appointment. And got home a little too early after mixing up what day the appointment was on. I thought it was on the Thursday, but it was on the Friday, bloody idiot. Anyway, I went to the hospital on Friday and sat in the waiting room. After a while, a very apologetic lady came out to inform me that she would have to cancel the appointment. The physiotherapist had broken his foot on the way to work and was now on his way to A & E. It’s a bit of a pain after coming home from my tour for the appointment, but possibly more of a pain for him!

Colourful tent
The end of the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth

Apart from a ride to Portsmouth last weekend, I’ve hardly been out on my bike this month. I’ve been busy at home. I wrote the book about my Low Countries tour. (available from Amazon) I published videos from the tour on my YouTube channel. They always seem to take me forever. And I’ve uploaded the photos from the tour to Flickr.  And while I’m talking about the Low Countries bike ride, I cycled 813 miles in the end, according to Google. I’ve also fixed the trip computer on my bike. Properly (I hope), I brought a cradle and wire this time, so hopefully, I won’t have to rely on Google again.

You May Want To Sit Down

I have some shocking news: I’ve been to work, or rather, I’ve attempted to work, which I have to a degree. But it’s not good. I end up in a lot of pain and discomfort and feel very confused. (nothing new there) And the amount of time I was able to work seemed to get less and less each day, and the recovery time longer. My arms didn’t fare too well either; they’re covered in cuts and bruises. Luckily, all the work was outside, so I didn’t make a mess in anybody’s house. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, as I do need to work. I can’t afford to retire yet, even though most people think I have. I’ve got to go and see the doctor about my DCM in September, and I’ll discuss these issues with him, as I think they are all signs of a worsening condition.

Of course, it might just be because I’ve not worked for so long. As Julie pointed out, I’ve not worked properly in the last twelve years. I do seem to have had more than my fair share of health issues. My sister thinks I was given a second-hand body; someone had worn it out before it was given to me.

I hope to go away on my bike next month, as the school holidays will have finished. Although I have quite a lot of appointments, but hopefully, I can string a few days together. The only trouble with time restrictions is where to go that I’ve not already been.

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