Garry McGivern’s December-2022 Photos

Garry McGivern’s December-2022 photos, photos that have appeared on the website over the past month. This month’s photo’s come from my world tour when I cycled through Turkey, India, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. There are also a couple of pictures taken on my ride to Brighton and my ride over the Southdowns.

Most of the photographs that I’ve taken this month can be found on my Flickr page. Pictures in the Flickr album come from the antics of the Naughty Elf, the Southdowns, and my ride to Brighton. And, of course, there are one or two photos of me. Click on the image below this month’s photo gallery to view the album. There are also more photos on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Garry McGivern’s December-2022 Photos


December 2022 Flickr Photo Album

December 2022 Travel Photos

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