Garry McGivern’s January-2023 Update

January-2023 update Garry McGivern’s monthly update. It’s been a frustrating month felt. After recovering from the cold I had over Christmas, I felt pretty good. And I was even considering going away for a day or two cycling. But a combination of hospital appointments and the weather put paid to that idea.

The weather’s certainly not been very conducive to cycling. It was very wet and windy at the start of the month. In fact, we’ve had so much rain that three out of the five roads out of Bognor have been closed because of flooding. Even now, at the end of the month, they’re still not all open.

Road signs
One of the many roads closed around Bognor

Then once the rain had stopped, it turned bitterly cold, turning many of the roads into ice rinks. And being the fragile old boy that I am these days, I didn’t want to take any chances of falling off my bike. The last thing I need is to fracture my hip or break something else. I didn’t even go out walking. I’m even more unsteady on my feet.


I’ve had a lot of physio over the past month, with sessions on my hip and neck. Yes, I now have something else wrong with me! I have a permanent headache, which they think is caused by the vertebrae in my neck. I hadn’t realised what little movement I had in my neck until Calum, my physio, had prodded and poked about. Although I have a lot more movement, I still have a headache. And I think they are going to send me for a scan.

I’ve been pretty lucky with my physio, as I have the same physiotherapist (Calum) looking at my hip and neck, so he’s got to know me pretty well. And says that I’m a rather complex case (haha, he’s not the first person to say that!) but says he’s up to the challenge. Let’s hope so. All these ailments are getting rather boring.

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2 Replies to “Garry McGivern’s January-2023 Update”

  1. I feel sad when i read your post, i told you take rest and take care of your self. You are not a young like before, both is feel little old, 🤣but anyway always take care, take your medicine and go to doctor for your follow up check up, 😘❤️🙏love your friend here in philppines, alma

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