Garry McGivern’s July-2022 Update

Garry McGivern’s July-2022 update, well, it’s been a busier month than of late, especially as I’m a lot more mobile now, and I’m even back on my bike cycling. Although I’ve not been able to go away anywhere yet, which I’ll return to later.

The month got off to a good start with me continuing to do my exercises and going on plenty of walks. But it was all starting to get a bit boring, walking around Felpham and Bognor. (That’s one of the reasons I prefer cycling, it’s easier and quicker to get further afield) So I decided to venture further afield and caught the train to Portsmouth. And yes, I also go there a lot, but not on foot.

After catching the train to Portsmouth Harbour, I wandered around the old fishing port, then onto old Portsmouth. I climbed the Napoleonic fortifications that line the entrance to Portsmouth harbour, then wandered further afield along the seafront to Southsea. An interesting day and it made a pleasant change of scenery. I’ve also caught the bus to Chichester a couple of times and played the tourist there. Roaming the parts of the city that I don’t usually see when on my bike. Hopefully, I’ll get around to putting the photos from Portsmouth and Chichester onto my Flickr account soon.

I even got to the stage with my walking that I was going to catch the train down to the New Forest and spend a night or two camping there. But then I decided against it. My stomach wasn’t brilliant with the antibiotics I was taking. And the last place I’d want to be would be in a tent, miles from the toilet!

Back On My Bike

The date was set, July the 19th, six weeks after my hip operation, the day I was allowed back on my bike. The plan was to go away straight away. There was no time to waste. The schools broke up for their summer term in a couple of days, and I wouldn’t be going anywhere then. All the campsites get too busy. But at least I could get a couple of nights away before.

On the week before the nineteenth, I cleaned and loaded Passepartout up, ready for the off, first thing on Tuesday morning. He was rather dusty. After all, he’d been sitting in the garage for over a year, where I hadn’t been away!

Unfortunately, over the weekend before my bike ride, I came out in a mass of blisters, which is always a worry. Especially as that’s how they think I contracted sepsis back in 2018. Which just so happened to be four years ago to the week! I don’t know what happened, whether I reacted to something or what, who knows. The doctors were a bit baffled and came up with several ideas. But nothing concrete.

I hope to be on this soon

Personally, I think I reacted to something in my garden as I had been gardening a day or so before, which turned into a blood bath! My skin is so thin these days from all the steroids and steroid creams I’ve had over the years that the slightest knock breaks my skin. When they took off a dressing in the hospital, it pulled my skin off! If you want to see a photo of my wounds from my bit of gardening, there’s one on my Instagram account. It does look as though I’ve been in a fight! Anyway, because of my injuries, maybe something got into me, and that was the cause.

Looking Forward

I’m not going to say anything about going away or anything like it, as no doubt that’ll be the kiss of death. Thankfully the blisters have started to go now, although my skin is rather sore and painful. And besides, it’s still the school holidays, and I have one or two appointments in the next few weeks.

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