Garry McGivern’s June-2024 Update

June-2024 Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update. After being away for a good part of the month and posting updates nearly every day, there’s not much more I can write that you don’t already know. But no doubt I’ll end up writing something to fill the page.

Well, it’s been a great month for cycling with my trip along the coast of France to the Netherlands. And despite much of it being a struggle, I still enjoyed it. And I had intended to only be home for a few days before heading off somewhere again. Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling too good and have come out in blisters again. I had some come up on my hands while I was away, and it was one of the reasons for taking so many days off. Although I never wrote about it. This time, they’ve come up on my feet. Had they come up while I was on the road, I would have probably just taken a day or two off. But because they happened at home, it’s too easy to stay put.

A castle
Saint-Malo castle

There’s not a lot of point going to the doctors about the blisters. I’ve seen many different consultants and doctors and had so many different blood tests over the years. But nobody seems to have come up with a reason for them. One possible reason is my medication, but then I take that all the time. I am an enigma!

Fingers Crossed

I still hope to go away in the next few days, but unfortunately, I’ve had some hospital appointments come through. I shouldn’t really say unfortunately, I’m very lucky that the NHS is looking after me. It’s just a bit frustrating having to attend hospital all the time. They’re not until the week beginning the twenty-second. So I’ve got a few weeks if I can think of somewhere to go that isn’t too hilly. And where I’ve not been before, or at least not for a while.

I probably need to apologise for all the strange emails you received at the beginning of the month. And a few duplicated ones throughout the month. I had somebody working on the website who didn’t realise they were being sent out. Hopefully, everything is back to normal now. I told you I’d find something to fill the page with.

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