Garry McGivern’s October-2022 Update

And before you know it, another month has gone by Garry McGivern’s October-2022 update. And it’s not even been a particularly busy month, especially on the cycling front. But I’ve had my Covid-19 Autumn booster and also a flu jab. Neither of which caused me any side effects. I also had an eye test which went okay, and as I’ve known for a long time, I only need glasses for reading or working on the laptop, basically deteriorating eyesight due to my age! And touch wood, my anaemia seems to have been a lot better.

A lot of my time this month has been spent looking after my grandaughter Indya. She had to have her adenoids and tonsils out and, as a result, had to isolate, unable to go to nursery. So she’s spent much of her time with me, which has been great fun. And even when she was allowed out, we’ve been out for plenty of ice cream.

Man and little girl
Enjoying an ice cream with Indya

I have had a couple of trips out on my bike. One was a day ride to Brighton, which is always a good place to cycle. I also managed a night away on the Isle of Wight at Grange Farm just before they closed for the season. It was on my ride to and from the Isle of Wight that I thought my anaemia was much better. I wasn’t so breathless on the hills and wasn’t worn out at the end of the day. I’m now wondering if I should go on a longer tour. Although going on my last tour in France, maybe I shouldn’t set my sights on going too far. Of course, although I’ve not been on any long rides, I still ride my bike everywhere.

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