Garry McGivern’s October-2023 Update

It’s Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update for October-2023, although maybe not that regular, as there hasn’t been one since my August update. I was away at the end of September and the beginning of October in the New Forest and the Isle of Wight. Making the most of the campsites before they closed for the season. And I don’t think there was anything that I needed to say that I hadn’t already said in my daily updates.

I returned from the Isle of Wight for my monthly appointment with Mike, my Physiotherapist. He looks after and monitors all my current ailments. Myelopathy, hip, carpal tunnel and now my lower back, which all bar my hip, might be connected to my Myelopathy; who knows? In the same week, I also saw the musculoskeletal team about my lower back. My left leg gives way constantly, and I think I may now have a slipped disc (again). I go for an MRI scan today (1st November). I’ve also been referred to the neurosurgeons in Southampton for my Myelopathy. And I’ve got a pre-op assessment next week for the carpal tunnel in my wrists after also seeing that surgeon this past month. Both wrists need operating on, but they’ll operate on my left hand first.

Anybody Want A Job

It’s hard going trying to keep up with all these ailments and appointments. If only I could see all these doctors and surgeons on the same day. Or even in the same week, would be good. It would make things a lot easier. I need a secretary to help me keep up with who I’m seeing and for what! It all reminds me of 2018 when I’d been discharged from hospital after recovering from sepsis. I had loads of different professionals to see then. Although thankfully, I’m not as ill this time.

At Least I Got Away

The weather has been so mild in October. It’s not exactly cold now, just wet. And as much as I like the mild weather, I’m not so sure it’s that good. Twenty-odd degrees in October isn’t right. But with the mild weather and a few days spare between appointments, I decided to go away and, for a change, headed east. It was a really enjoyable few days away visiting new places. I also found a campsite that’s open all year, which is handy to know.

Floaded carpark
“Every little helps.” I don’t think that water is helping

I had hoped to be away this past weekend, but if you’re in the UK, you’ll understand the reason for not going anywhere. The weather has been atrocious, with bands of heavy rain and wind continuously battering the country. There’s been quite a lot of flooding, and I think things might worsen over the next few days. Storm Ciaran is forecast for later in the week, bringing strong winds and more heavy rain. It is a bit of a shame as I wanted to get to Tom’s Field at Langton Matravers, near Swanage, for one last night of camping before they closed for the season. And also to Grange Farm on the Isle of Wight, which is also now closed until next year.

If the wind and rain ever stop, and I don’t have too many appointments come through, I hope to get away for a few nights of camping in November. You never know your luck. I might even make it to France.

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