Garry McGivern’s September-2022 Update

Garry McGivern’s September-2022 update, well, there’s not much more I can add about September that’s not already been on the website or my YouTube channel. But no doubt I’ll think of something to write and bore you with!

Since returning home from France over two weeks ago, I’ve been rather busy and don’t know where the time has gone. I’ve had four different hospital appointments. Vicky and her family were away on holiday, so I took over the feeding of Toby. I’ve been busy trying to get the videos out from my little jaunt to France, went down to the New Forest for the night, and went to a local farm for Indya’s birthday. Oh, and been busy trying to catch up with my social media, particularly Facebook, which seems to have gone mental.

My first hospital appointment was a routine check on my skin, which was quite timely as I’d recently had a few problems with blisters. And it was one of the reasons for returning home from France early, although I never mentioned it at the time. But I talk about them in the videos. Anyway, after seeing the doctor, who was somewhat concerned about them, sent me for blood tests. She also said that she wished she could prescribe cycling after I told her that usually, when I go away on tour, I can come off all medication. So do I!

Other News

The following two hospital appointments were for blood tests. One for the blisters, which wasn’t a standard test, and I’m still waiting for the results of that one. The other blood test was to check my infection markers regarding my hip. And the third appointment was for my hip, which the consultant was very pleased with, and I don’t have to go back for another year unless I get any problems.

The videos from my French tour have started to come out. They seem to take forever to edit, which is one of the reasons for publishing them as quickly as I am, to get them over and done with. And if you think they’re boring to watch, you want to try editing them! The idea is that each video is posted one month after I filmed it.

Cows by tree
Cows in the New Forest

Holland’s Wood campsite in the New Forest closed for the season earlier this week. And as I’d only managed to get down there once this year, I went down for the final night. It was also another excuse to get away for the night.

It was Indya, my grandaughter’s third birthday on the twenty-seventh. She had her main party with her friends while I was away in France. So on her actual birthday, we went to a local farm, which was good fun. Although you don’t see too much, no sooner do you get to one animal than indya’s moved on to the next. It was still good fun, though, and we all enjoyed it.

See, I told you I’d find something to write about!

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