GoPro Hero9 Black

The GoPro Hero9 Black Garry’s latest kit addition. Now that Garry records all his bicycle tours for YouTube. And his old GoPro was a bit outdated. He decided he needed a new camera.

GoPro Hero 9
Hero9 Black

Deciding that his old GoPro had done a great job! Having spent thousands of miles sat on the front of his bike, without any problems! There really wasn’t anything else Garry could go for, apart from another GoPro! And the latest version the GoPro Hero9 Black.

It’s substantially different to his old GoPro, with the most obvious one being a screen to view what’s being recorded. In fact, there are two screens, one on the front, which will be handy for Garry to frame his ugly mug when talking to the camera! The other, as you’d expect, is on the back! (Not too sure how they’ll affect battery life? Time will tell!) There’s plenty of other updates and gadgets, most of which go over Garry’s head! More info on the GoPro website. Hopefully, Garry can get his head around some of the new features and manage to use them!

GoPro Hero9 Media Mod
GoPro with the Media Mod attached

Along with the camera, Garry also bought a range of accessories. Amongst them and possibly the most useful, a Media Mod featuring a built-in directional mic with wind suppression. It also has a mount so Garry can attach a light. This could come in very handy when Garry’s filming some of his cookery videos, often at night.

Now Garry just needs the Covid-19 pandemic to be over and lockdown restrictions lifted, so he can get back to touring. And whilst there’s no doubt that the new GoPro Hero9 Black will improve the quality of videos, I doubt it will improve the content!


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