Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT

Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT
Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT

July 2015

Garry’s current tent is the Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT. Which he brought in January 2014 after his old MSR Velo wore out!

Garry spent a long time researching and searching the web for a new tent but couldn’t find anything that suited all his needs! Ideally, Garry wanted a tent with a large vestibule and freestanding, but there just didn’t seem to be anything available! You could get a free-standing tent, or you could get a tent with a large vestibule but not together!

One of the tents that kept coming up in Garry’s search was Hilleberg, who have a good range of tents to suit all needs! Unfortunately, they never had one that was perfect for Garry! They had freestanding tents and tents with big vestibules but once again not together!

In the end, Garry decided that the large vestibule was more important to him, so he brought the Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT.

It’s a four-season two-person tunnel tent, which may be a little too large and heavy for some people, but Garry likes to have plenty of room to stretch out rather than being cramped up in some tiny one-man tent especially when it’s blowing a gale and raining outside!

A two-man tent always means that there’s plenty of room inside and with the vestibule there’s plenty of room to store the panniers inside overnight.

Watch Garry’s Hilleberg video on YouTube.

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