Italian Bicycle Tour 11th-June-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour, Friday 11th-June-2010 Savigliano to Ivrea. 81 Miles. I had a bad experience in the hotel restaurant last night, after swallowing a piece of meat that was too big, which lodged itself in my throat. And wouldn’t move, no matter what I tried! Coughing and swallowing didn’t work. I also tried taking a sip of wine, hoping that might work, but it didn’t. The wine just sat on top of the meat swishing around in my mouth. I was now starting to worry.

What could I do? I was sitting in a restaurant in a foreign country, with nobody speaking English. How would anybody know what’s wrong with me? I was close to panicking, as I could feel my chest tightening! But, with one final cough and a splutter, it flew out of my mouth and across the table along with the red wine, making quite a mess on the crisp white table cloth. I was so relieved to be able to breathe again. I wasn’t going to die in some foreign country after all! It was quite a frightening experience! Something I’ve never had before and something I don’t particularly want to have ever again.

Cobbles and tram
Cobbles in Turin

It’s been an easy ride today. And compared to yesterday, it’s been pretty flat. Apart from the last twelve miles or so. But then I am heading towards the Alps! Tomorrow is going to be a tough day! I passed through Turin today and had more cobbled streets, which weren’t as bad as Naples! I should make it to Aosta tomorrow. I’ll then decide if I’m going to tackle the Col du Grand St-Bernard at 2473-metres! Or take the easy option and get the bus through the Monte Blanc tunnel!

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