Italian Bicycle Tour 27th-May-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour, Thursday 27th-May-2010 Metaponto to I haven’t got a clue! But it was 88 miles. I wasn’t really expecting to stop just yet. But when this campsite popped up, I thought, why not. And I didn’t get a receipt when I paid for my pitch. That’s how I usually find out where I spend the night!

There was a bit of a chill in the air first thing this morning. It was cool enough for me to have to put my fleece on. Although it soon warmed up, and I was back down to a t-shirt. It was also very damp this morning, so my clothes were still wet. I couldn’t pack my clothes away wet, so I distributed them around the bike. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anywhere to put my pants, so I put them on my head! To dry as I cycled along.

Man in sunglasses
Nice hat!
Watch Out For The Bugs

Today’s ride has been mainly on dual carriageways. And looking at the map, I think it might be the same for the next couple of days. As I cycled along today, there’s been a range of snow-capped mountains, which looked pretty spectacular. And as long as the mountains stay over there and not in front of me, everything will be fine.

It was a good decision to stop when I did. Tonight’s campsite has only cost me five euros. I’ve got the place to myself, there’s nobody else here, and it’s right on the seafront. Although being on the seafront turned out not to be so good. After eating supper and clearing up, I went to look at the sea. But whilst I was on the beach, something started to attack me. I haven’t got a clue what it was. But it was about the size of a bee and made a low buzzing noise. Needless to say, I made a hasty exit and returned to the safety of my tent.

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