Italian Bicycle Tour 28th-May-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour, Friday 28th-May-2010 North of Cariati to Catanzaro Lido. 85 Miles. I’m still exactly sure where I camped last night. But the first town I came across this morning with a name was Cariati. It rained in the night, which is the first bit of rain I’ve had since being in Italy. It wasn’t heavy but did go on for most of the night, and it was still raining when I got up at five o’clock.

Bike tent tree
My campsite for the night

I saw some more prostitutes today. Business must have been a bit slow for them. They were all taking pictures of me as I rode past. Perhaps I should have charged them!


I forgot to mention what happened yesterday, which at the time wasn’t worth mentioning. I was in a small shop getting my daily supplies and was having a laugh and joke with the lady behind the counter. Not that we understood each other, but I think she asked me where I was going. “to Sicily, home of the Mafia,” I said. That was it. Her smiles and friendly gestures disappeared! And I was quickly served and ushered out of the shop, with the door slamming behind me!

The Mafia, known as the “ndrangheta” in this part of Italy, are “allegedly” still around and have a lot of influence, so I read last night, which might explain what happened yesterday! I thought it was a bit odd at the time and never gave it another thought. But after reading my Lonely Planet guide tonight, I can perhaps see why I got the reaction I did. Maybe it’s not “allegedly”, and it’s true!? I hope I don’t wake up next to a horse’s head!

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