Italian Bicycle Tour 4th-June-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour. Friday 4th-June-2010 in Albinia. Seeing as I found a good campsite last night. That has everything I want and need. I decided to stay and take the day off.

They have a well-stocked supermarket, clean hot showers, and a launderette. And it’s also cheap, compared with what I have been paying. It’s only eleven euros for a night. I decided to use the launderette and give my clothes a proper wash, seeing as they have one. Washing them in the shower is fine, but it doesn’t beat a washing machine. I also decided to wash my sleeping bag, which I’m not sure was a good idea. I spent much of the day worrying if it would dry in time for bedtime. Thankfully it did. It’s so warm and sunny here. And most importantly, the campsite has an excellent little bar!

Sicilian coastline

After doing the washing first thing, I had to sit around in my swimming shorts, waiting for something to dry as I washed everything. In the end, I gave up and put my clothes on wet and cycled into town. They soon dried in the warm sun. Once in town, I decided to go for a haircut and shave, and if any bodies in Albinia, I can recommend a good barber, Paulo Conti! There’s not a lot in Albinia, just a few shops and a couple of cafés. After having lunch at one of the cafés, I headed back to camp via the local beach, thinking I’d go for a swim. Not likely. The sea was freezing. There wasn’t a lot going on there either.

How’s That Leg

The other reason and main reason for staying another night here is that I’ve got a couple of weeks’ work in Samoens, France. And after spending the last few weeks just sitting on my bike, I really need to know how good my leg is. And how I am, at standing for any time! But if my leg is still bad and I can’t stand on it for too long, I won’t bother. After walking around the campsite a few times, checking my leg out, which seemed okay, I headed for the bar! I’ll decide whether I’m off to Samoens tomorrow, as I need to let the people know.

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