Italian Bicycle Tour 9th-June-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour, Wednesday 9th-June-2010 Albenga, Italy to Menton, France. 75 Miles. I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep last night. I was kept awake by some squawking seagulls, which seemed to go on all night. And although I don’t tend to need a lot of sleep. What sleep I do have is generally deep, and I didn’t get much of either last night!

I should have started to head inland today. But instead, I crossed the border into France and went to Monaco! I decided the other day that my leg was feeling okay, and I would go to Samoens. I’ve also been off the painkillers for a few days and feel fine. And that’s despite having some pretty hard cycling!

As I rode along the coast, the yachts in the marinas got bigger and more expensive the closer I got to Monaco! And every town I passed through had a marina and the ones that didn’t were busy building one! It seemed a bit stupid not to go to Monaco, seeing as I was so close.

Monaco Baby

I got to Monaco and looked a bit out of place amongst all the glitz and glamour! Or what some people’s perception of glamour is! I was too late for the Grand Prix race, although there were still some remnants. Some of the scaffolding from one of the stands was still there. And on the road, there was still plenty of rubber laid down by the cars! Being a bit of an F1 fan, I decided to ride the circuit. And managed to cycle it in thirteen minutes twenty-two seconds! Not quite as fast as a Formula 1 car, but then they don’t have the traffic to contend with! And an F1 car probably weighs a lot less than my load!

Man bike flags casino
Outside the Monaco Casino

After pratting around in Monaco for a couple of hours, I headed back on myself to spend the night in Menton. Monaco was a bit out of my price range!

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