January 2019 Update

Now I know that winters not over with just yet, and looking out of my window today, it certainly isn’t! But the days are definitely getting longer! And if I can just string a few days together, when I don’t have to go to the doctors or hospital I’m going to go away! I’m feeling pretty good at the moment and certainly feel as if I could manage a short tour somewhere!

Arundel Castle

And the one time when I do get a few days free, we’ve got a weather warning out for snow and ice! The last thing I want to do is fall off my bike, I think that could end in tears and possibly hospital!

Boat in harbour
Bosham Quay

If you remember back to last September, a couple of weeks after I came out of hospital I lost my voice! At the time I was referred to see a specialist, and although he couldn’t see or find any reason for my hoarseness, there was a little redness in my throat!

Well after going back to see him earlier this month he’s now given me the all clear. One more ailment to cross off the list!

Man on beach
Garry out on one of his walks
Out On The Bike

As I said earlier, I’m feeling pretty good, and I now feel strong enough to just get on my bike and cycle to Portsmouth or Brighton without giving it a second thought! (they’re both about a 60-mile round trip) Whereas just a month ago it required a bit of thought and effort on my part.

On one of those said trips, I managed to get a puncture, no problem I’ll just pump it up, and hopefully, that’ll get me to a cycle shop. So out comes the pump and I start to pump, but instead of putting air in, it just let out what air there was! I then had to walk 2 miles to find a cycle shop!

Pint on table
Enjoying a pint in the sun

But it all worked out for the best and as I’ve always said about travelling “there’ll always be someone who can fix it.” Although I wasn’t referring to a bike ride 30-miles away! As a bonus Nick the guy who fixed it also found a problem with the gears and sorted that out! Well worth getting the puncture!

I’m also walking a lot, admittedly I still use a crutch! But with it, I can walk for miles and am regularly walking 8 to 10-miles! I’m even thinking about walking the South Downs Way, although that could be a bit too much, we’ll see!

I’ve managed to make it down onto the beach for the first time in two years! And to celebrate I decided to recreate an old photo of mine! Somehow it doesn’t look quite the same!

Feet on a beach
Bognor beach January 2019
Feet on a beach
Segara beach Indonesia March 2012

2 Replies to “January 2019 Update”

  1. Even when you’re convalescing, you live life to the full. When you get back on the road, use more B&B and hotel accommodation. Stop off at cafes for tea and cakes. Join the Cyclists Touring Club, ho ho! You could even use international hostels. You had health problems in India. Do you think that was an early sign of what was to come? Good photos!
    Best wishes – Malc.

    1. No point in sitting around!
      I don’t mind using hotels, it just becomes a bit too expensive after a while! As for joining CTC, I don’t think so somehow!
      I don’t think India was anything to do with it, that was my chest, the sepsis was in my hip! I think it was more to do with not having my hip operated on when I should have! Or maybe something to do with the problems I keep having with my skin! Or possibly I contracted it while in the hospital? Who knows! All I know is, I’m still around and able to tell the story!

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