January 2022 Photos

January 2022 photos, as Garry mentioned in his monthly update, it’s been a quiet month with Garry spending much of his time at home. But he’s still kept busy updating some of his old posts with new photos. And the only new photos are photos of the sky Garry took from his house. Plus, a sparrow hawk had flown into his garage and needed rescuing.

Garry’s added the new photographs to posts written on his World tour in 2011 and his 2013 ride to Greece. There are also a couple from his 2015 Spain and Portugal tour. Garry hadn’t realised he’d added quite so many, but then he has spent a lot of time at home this past month! Many of the photos haven’t appeared anywhere before.

January 2022 Photos

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4 Replies to “January 2022 Photos”

    1. That’s right. I think we’d met a mile or two before that. I seem to remember your backlight was a bit covered, so you rode in front going through the tunnel.
      I hope you are well András

  1. Hey Garry,

    I didn’t think Boris was doing too bad a job – at mucking things up 😂🤣😂🤣😂.

    Its unbelievable that worldwide elective surgery is being deferred when its not elective for those waiting to have a procure to enhance quality of life!

    Hang in there my friend; the sun will shine again and the bike will be dusted off🙂

    1. If he weren’t our prime minister, it would be funny! The blokes an idiot! I need to get back to touring, I have too much time on my hands to watch and get angry with politics!
      I am hopeful to be riding some sort of distance by Spring, even if it’s only to the Isle of Wight. That’s if the bike’s not rusted away!!

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