July 2014 – update

Went back to Goring Hall hospital on the first day of the month to get my leg/back looked at again by my consultant, worryingly he said “maybe I missed the prolapsed disc the first time as there wasn’t a lot there when I operated!” and immediately got booked in for another MRI scan, at least I never got that finger this time!

After a couple of weeks I got the results back from my MRI scan which showed that the operation was a success and that there’s no new slip, worryingly the consultant doesn’t think that there’s a lot more that can be done, although there is possibly two options. One is to give me an injection in the back which carries no risk at all but possibly might not help at all! The other option is to have another operation and fuse the bottom three vertebra together, again the possibility of it working or doing any good are slim but this procedure does carry a lot of risk and he would only do it as a very last resort! So he’s going to try the injection first to hopefully see if that works, but not until September! He did ask if I was able to cycle as he knows I’m keen on cycling, to which I obviously replied yes, he said keep doing that it certainly won’t hurt it and might do it some good!

Whilst in one respect I quite liked the fact that he’s told me to cycle, on the other it doesn’t really help me in my day to day life! Hence why I went on my little tour of the southwest of England to see if it does help! It certainly does help as when I’m cycling along I feel really good, forget about my leg and feel perfectly fit, however when I stop cycling and get off the bike It doesn’t take long before I’m reminded that my legs not ok and it starts to go numb and feels as if it’s going to give way, it’s a really un-nerving feeling!

Julie had a week’s holiday this month, but unfortunately due to me having hospital appointments that week and not being able to walk too far without my leg packing up we couldn’t really go too far, so we decided to put the bikes on the car and go camping in the Cotswold’s for a few days. Found a lovely little campsite with only a handful of other tents on, located centrally allowing us to explore the many pretty villages in the Cotswold’s, including Stow-on-the-World, Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water and many other small delightful little villages. It was a lovely few days away with superb weather despite the weather forecasts of impending doom that week!

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