July 2016 Update

Once again it’s been a busy month, unfortunately with work and not cycling though, although I’m not complaining it’s always good to be busy and I’ve still managed to do a few things.

The first weekend of the month I got dragged to Brighton shopping for a dress, not for me I hasten to add! Julie wanted to get a new one ready for my Vicky’s wedding in September. I’m sure she’s already got loads of dresses but apparently it has to be a new one for some reason!

The thought of having to go shopping was filling me with dread, its bad enough having to shop for myself (which doesn’t happen very often) let alone for a woman!

Upon arrival in Brighton Julie said that she knew what part of town she wanted to look around as there was a collection of different shops in a relatively small area, so we made our way from the railway station through the lanes

The north lanes Brighton
The north lanes Brighton

towards the shops, obviously stopping to look in a few shops on route, me being forever hopeful that she would find a dress in the first shop, which obviously never happened! Once we arrived at the main shops Julie announced that I didn’t need to go with her and I could go and do my own thing and we would meet up later, I certainly didn’t need telling twice and as quick as a flash I was off straight to the nearest pub,

Garry enjoying a pint in Brighton
Garry enjoying a pint in Brighton

which is where I stayed until it was time to meet up with Julie!

Not a bad day at all in the end and Julie did manage to get her new dress and everything that goes with it, apparently you can’t just buy a dress you have to have shoes and a bag to match!

Had a bit of a result from Busch & Muller the company that manufacture my front light, which isn’t just a light it is also a charger for my phone, but for some reason it had lost the ability to charge my phone. Thinking that it was just a new cable that I needed I searched the internet looking for one but couldn’t find one. In the end I wrote to Busch & Muller who after a few correspondents asked me to send it back to them and they would see what they could do.

It wasn’t more than a fortnight had passed when a parcel arrived at my house from Busch & Muller containing a brand new light!

What incredible customer service considering that the old light was three years old and completely out of any guarantee or warranty! Maybe this is my first sponsorship, sort of!

The weather has been really nice so nice in fact that myself and a few of the other blokes I work with decided to take the day off work and sail to the Isle of Wight.

A motley looking crew
A motley looking crew

So Dave whose boat it is, Giles, Dave and I all set off from Dell Quay, Chichester at about 8 o’clock in the morning to catch the morning tide.  We had a pleasant sail down the Chichester channel and into the Solent where it was a little lumpy before arriving at Seaview on the Isle of Wight where we disembarked and went for a few beers before setting off back to Dell Quay; it was a really good day out with plenty of beer drunk and some good sailing.

Garry’s YouTube video of the boys day out

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    1. I did start one after my world tour, but my attention span didn’t last enough to finish it! I got as far as Bangladesh then somebody said that I’d probably have to rewrite it a few times before it would be ready to print! I did consider a ghost writer but they charge too much! Maybe I’ll pick it up again one day and finish it off!

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