July 2017 Update

Once again I don’t seem to know where this past month has gone! As It’s been another busy and good month, with a sailing trip to the Isle of Wight, a weekend camping in the New Forest with Julie and I was able to help a pair of cycle tourists out! It’s also not been too busy on the work front!

Garry McGivern
With Pierre and Catrine

At the beginning of the month, I was out on a cycle ride to Chichester. A mile or two outside of Chichester I came across a pair of cyclists on the side of the road looking at their map. Always one to help out others I stopped to see if they needed any assistance.

Pierre and Catrine as I found out were a French couple on a tour of England and as is typical in England the cycle route signs just ran out leaving them unsure of which way to go!

After chatting to them for a while, I took them back to the cycle route and bid them farewell while I continued on my way to Chichester.


Despite not being that busy on the work front, I’ve not been able to get away! The work that I have had has just fallen awkwardly, and I’ve not been able to bunch it all together!

Staffy puppy
Frankie with my lump hammer

I’ve also had problems with customers dogs stealing my tools!

A Day Out Sailing

It was my friends Dave and Helens wedding anniversary earlier on in the month, and as a surprise for Helen, Dave booked an outing on Alice a lovely old Thames Barge.

There was 15 of us, and we were all on board when Dave turned up with Helen, which came as a big surprise to her, not only was she not expecting to go on the barge but also that there was a motley crew made up of their friends!

A motley looking crew
The crew of the good ship Alice

Once on board, we set off for the Isle of Wight with Alan our captain and Wilson the ship’s dog, it was great fun hoisting the sails and pulling on different ropes.

Captain on a boat
Alan, the master of Alice

At the Isle of Wight we dropped anchor and went for a swim, Wilson couldn’t wait to get in the water, and it was a job to get him back out afterwards!

Dog on a boat
Wilson just itching to get in the water

After a swim and going ashore we had a buffet lunch onboard “Alice” before setting off back to Portsmouth.

A perfect day out with friends and lovely memory for Dave and Helen.

Red robin
We had a little robin come and visit us in the New Forest

I managed to get a weekend camping in with Julie for the first time this year! It just seems that either she or I have had work or something on all the time! We only went down to the New Forest but it was still good, and we had a lovely weekend, which was followed up by a cycle ride around Portsmouth on Monday.

Gunwharf quays Porstmouth
Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth where we had supper.

On an entirely separate trip, Julie and I came across a snake on the road! Which Julie thought was an adder but we later found out that it was in, fact, a grass snake!

Grass snake
The grass snake we found on the road

The following day I was outside cleaning my van, yes you heard right cleaning my van! It gets washed every five years whether it needs it or not! Anyway, while I was outside one of the children from next door came up and started talking to me. He’d seen the picture of the snake that I’d posted on Twitter the day before and was telling me about his pet snake a “Zeus” a Bull Python! Which he later brought out to show me!

Bull Python
Zeus, next doors pet Bull Python

I also had a trip to our local cinema to see Dunkirk which I thought was an excellent film.


On the health front, things are pretty good at the moment possibly because I’m back on steroids! Hence why I thought I’d clean my van, I’m bouncing all over the place at the moment![jetpack_subscription_form title=”Follow Garry on his travels” subscribe_text=”Enter your email address to receive updates as Garry travels around on his bike”]

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  1. That was a nice experience. Glad you’re back in the saddle. I never get further than Island Harbour now.
    Why don’t you buy a boat on the Isle of Wight!

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