July 2018 Video Diary

Garry’s video diaries from his tour in July 2018, this was his last tour before he contracted sepsis! Or maybe he already had it!

There’s plenty of oww’s, and ouch’s and puffing and panting along the way, and because of the painkillers Garry now has to take, I think he may have been a little high!

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2 Replies to “July 2018 Video Diary”

  1. Costa del Ventnor! It looked more like Nice. Lovely ride with subtitles. I was lost til you got to Portsmouth. Have you got Diabetes? Got a glimpse of your map.What did you have for lunch? What you’ve been through since then. Beware of the 6th January!
    Best wishes he he – Malc
    You could fit a sidecare to that rig.

    1. Ventnor is a lovely old fashioned place, it still feels like something from the sixties! No Diabetes thankfully!
      6th January, that’s not your birthday by any chance is it? Or just the twelfth night, Knight of the Kings?
      Happy New Year Malcolm, you never know I might just fit that sidecar this year! You’ll be the first to know if I do!

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