July 2020 Monthly Update

Garry’s monthly update for July 2020, a busy, busy month!

I received a message via Instagram from a watch company earlier on in the month, asking me if I wanted to be an influencer for them! Really, I don’t even wear a watch! But hey ho I thought I’d see what it was all about, so I replied to them. Haha! What a con, I could buy one of their watches at a 50% discount, take a picture of myself wearing it (they’ve obviously not seen me!) and then they may, may! Post it on their website! Perhaps if they send me a watch for free, I may put a picture up on my website!

Garry’s takin’ us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow! Not quite it was a couple of weeks ago, and we all took ourselves! With zoos allowed to re-open last month, we decided to go for a family day out to our local zoo, Marwell. It was Indya’s first trip to a zoo, and mine and Julies first time back there in over 20-years! It was a great day out enjoyed by everyone. The adults probably enjoyed it more than Indya, although she did react when she saw the animals! And because of social distancing rules, the park was relatively quiet, giving us plenty of opportunities to see the animals. And great value at only £22.

Photo opportunity
Other News

Sad news as far as my hip operation goes, my consultant, Miss Hook, is leaving and going to a different hospital! I must admit that I’m a bit upset about it, although pleased for her. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here today, without her! And it would have been nice to finish my journey back to health, with her. Maybe I should follow her to her new hospital! I look forward to meeting my new consultant. Whenever that is!!

I’ve decided to return to work! Not that I feel fully fit or really able to do too much! But with travelling pretty much out of the question! And no sign of my hip getting operated on this year, there really wasn’t much else to do! I’m not doing a lot and can only generally work until midday! But the lady who I’m working for at the moment is happy with that. So it suits us both.

What with returning to work, I’ve not been out on the bike so much! And besides, I get bored cycling the same places! The other thing is, everywhere seems to be so busy, possibly because most people are holidaying in the UK!

On one of my rides out, I got as far as Chichester, and stopped by the cathedral, wondering where I should cycle to? As I sat there on my bike, I could hear the Peregrine falcons that nest on the cathedral roof making a hell of a racket! I’ve heard it many times before, but this time as I looked up, I spotted one of the falcons perched on a parapet. As I sat there watching and listening, I noticed two other falcons, one on each corner of the tower. It’s times like this when I wish I had a good camera!

Bird on castle
One of the peregrine falcons

My fifth book, which I’ve finally managed to write is now out and available to buy from Amazon. It’s my bicycle tour of Italy in 2010. Although I’d started it sometime last year, I finished it off when we were in lockdown. Maybe if we have a few more lockdowns, I could get a few more of my tours out on paperback!

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2 Replies to “July 2020 Monthly Update”

  1. Well, you’ve got a good kinship system – is that why you like to get away on the bike? Good camera! Yours hasn’t done so bad not to mention the videos. And you write books – you lucky bastard.
    No, truly, I give you credit. Could you get your hip done in France?

    1. Dam right it is, a bit of peace and quiet! It could have been a lot closer and clearer with a good camera, but then it would have to be a lot bigger, and take up more room!
      Maybe before we leave the EU! I had a friend who had his done in Italy!

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