July 2020 Photos

Photos that Garry has taken, or added to the website in July 2020. A trip to the zoo, Chichester and a boys day out sailing.

Although it’s been a busy month for Garry, there’s not too much variety in the photos! Most of the photos are from Garry’s trip to the zoo, and his spot of bird watching at Chichester cathedral.

There are also a few photos from a days sail across to the Isle of Wight.




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2 Replies to “July 2020 Photos”

  1. Well now’s the time to buy a solar powered bike. When did you cycle round the Arc de Triomphe? In the next war, you’ll be cycling behind enemy lines. So many photos, I don’t know how you find time to actually get on the bike. he he. Today, I cycled to B&M to buy some ginger jam.

    1. You’d fly along on a solar bike at the moment, I hope it’s not too hot for you! That was an old photo from 2014, I just updated an old post.
      Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have been cycling that much at the moment! Apart from working, everywhere is too busy!
      Ginger jam, yuk! I hope you enjoyed it!

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