July 2021 Photos

July 2021 photos, just when you thought I’d gone away, I’m back!

I’ve been home from the hospital for four days now, and to be honest, nothing has really changed! My wound is still weeping, and as I said in my last post, I have the district nurse coming in every third day and the IV nurses every day. Although the IV nurses stop today, and I go onto more oral antibiotics.

Now to get back to the main reason for this post, July 2021 photos. A gallery of photographs that have been taken in July. Despite there being plenty of pictures, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of variety! As most photos were taken while in the hospital! Although after saying that, there are few pictures that I took in and around my garden, in between hospital visits!

There are also new photos and videos posted in July on my Instagram page.

June 2021 Photos
Back In Hospital

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