June 2020 Photos

June 2020, a gallery of photos, that have been taken or added to the website throughout June.

It’s been a quiet month for new photos, with Garry spending much of his time at home. As a result, the majority of photos are from previous trips. But not necessarily photos that have appeared anywhere before. Many of the pictures are from the videos Garry’s been making using his Flickr photos.

Garry would have preferred to have been out and about on his bike. But too many tourists and strong winds put him off!

Let’s hope there’s more cycling in July, and the photos are a lot better than June’s effort! But don’t hold your breath!



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2 Replies to “June 2020 Photos”

  1. Lovely photos! You should submit the Brookes one to a gallery. I envy you some of those locations in France. You’re a maverick – they have’nt featured you among the world’s cyclists.

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