June-2021 Bicycle-Ride Video Episode-3

June-2021 bicycle-ride video episode-3 Langton Matravers to Salisbury, It’s a misty start to the day as Garry leaves his overnight stay at Tom’s Field. And it’s uphill from the get-go, but at least it’s only a gentle climb.

Garry was heading for Corfe Castle but got distracted and is now off on a small detour to Worth Matravers, where he visits a favourite pub of his, in the vain hope that they might be open! Some chance of that, it’s only 8 am! Although the pub was closed, he found a wooden henge just up the road. Once off his detour and back on the road, it’s downhill all the way into Corfe Castle

Next up is the pretty market town of Wareham, with its picturesque quay. There’s another of Garry’s favourite campsites just up the river Frome. Unfortunately, they’ve changed their policy, and it’s a minimum of a three-night stay these days! Well, at least it was back before Covid. Who knows what it is now!

The road gets busy for a while as Garry leaves Wareham! But although there’s plenty of traffic, there’s also plenty of Rodedendrums lining the side of the road. They seem to grow everywhere in this part of the country. The stint on busy roads doesn’t last long, and Garry soon thinks he’s cycling in the Netherlands!

After Garry’s trip back to the Netherlands!! He then finds himself on National Cycle Network route 25, which takes him through wooded trails and an old Roman road. And a ridiculously steep hill! It’s a few more miles to cycle along the road before Garry arrives in Salisbury and his overnight stop.



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