June-2021 Bicycle-Ride Video Episode-5

June-2021 bicycle-ride video episode-5 Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst, It’s a new week, and Garry’s heading off on his bicycle once more. He thinks he’s heading for the New Forest, but there’s no firm plan as there is with everything Garry does! He’ll make a firm decision later on in the day, maybe!

It was only just last week that Garry last went to the New Forest! So this week, he tries to mix his route up a bit by visiting the pretty town of Emsworth and spends some time down at the quayside. After spending time talking to some random women, Garry leaves Emsworth and heads for Portsmouth. Before catching the Gosport ferry, he takes the long route through Portsmouth by going along the seafront, from Eastney to Southsea, and then cycles through Old Portsmouth.

It’s the usual route from Gosport to Southampton, along the tracks and trails of National Cycle Network route 2. Watch out for the man on the bike as Garry approaches the Royal Victoria Country Park! Now in Southampton, Garry decides to cycle through the city centre rather than take his normal route, which is to zip along the busy main road, again trying to vary his route from last week! From Southampton to Brockenhurst, it’s a short ride, although not very pleasant, it’s either along busy main roads or paths beside.

Arriving at Hollands Wood campsite, it’s quiet and peaceful away from the busy roads of the past ten miles. Garry now searches out his regular spot, where he likes to pitch his tent! (such a creature of habit) He was unsuccessful last week, but will his luck change this week?


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