Life After Sepsis Getting Back On The Bike Video

While to some people being able to get back on a bike after sepsis and having a hip replacement may not be a priority. But for Garry it was!

Initially, when Garry was discharged from the hospital, he was too weak to do anything and spent a lot of time sleeping and resting,

But gradually after a few weeks, his strength and stamina started to grow. So much so that every day he would go out to his garage and try to get on his bike, until finally….This video charts Garry’s progress, and how after determination and grit he was able to once again get back on his bike!


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6 Replies to “Life After Sepsis Getting Back On The Bike Video”

  1. I couldn’t bear to watch it. You could hire an electric bike for an occasional afternoon.. Hope to meet you on the Isle of Wight in the Spring.
    Best wishes – Malcolm

    1. I’ve been trying to get to the Isle of Wight since December, I just seem to have the doctors or hospital every other day!
      Hopefully I’ll make it before Spring, so we can go for a pint!!

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