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Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 “Life After Sepsis” videos. To some people, being able to get back on a bike after surviving sepsis may not be a priority. But for Garry, it was!

Garry was a keen cyclist and would spend a couple of months each year cycle-touring one country or another. He’d even cycled around the world in 2011/12!

In 2017, Garry was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in his right hip and needed to have it replaced. But for one reason or another, this never happened. Until August 2018, that is!

It was July 2018, and Garry had just returned home from a short tour. But he returned home in a lot of pain, so much so that he was taken by ambulance to his local hospital!

Over the next two or three days, Garry was moved from ward to ward, with nobody knowing what was causing his pain!

By now, Garry was starting to get very confused and delirious! It was then they realised Garry had contracted severe sepsis shock and transferred him to the intensive care unit. He was then sedated and spent the next six weeks in ICU

Eventually, they found the cause of Garry’s pain: he had an abscess, or rather two, in his bad hip, which is where the sepsis had attached itself.

Once they had the sepsis and infection in his hip under control, they operated on Garry and gave him a temporary hip. (Read the full story)

This is a set of videos charting Garry’s progress and recovery from sepsis.

YouTube Videos: Life After Sepsis

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