Loire Valley and Rhine Photographs October-2019

Garry McGivern’s Travelsonabike2 Loire Valley and Rhine cycle touring photographs from October-2019. Photographs posted on Garry’s Flickr page that he took on his 1800-mile bicycle tour around Europe.

Wanting to be as fit as possible for his upcoming second-stage hip operation, Garry decided to go away on tour.

Not wanting to go too far, Garry came up with the idea of cycling some of Europe’s long-distance cycle routes and chose to follow Eurovelo route 6 and route 15.

Eurovelo 6 runs from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Although Garry didn’t have time to cycle the full length and instead only cycled part of the way. Route 15 followed the Rhine River.

Garry started in Saint-Malo, following canals and rivers until he reached Saint-Brevin-les-Pins on the Atlantic coast and the start of Eurovelo Route 6.

From Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, Garry followed the Loire and Doubs rivers before the Canal du Rhône, which took him as far as Mulhouse, where routes 6 and 15 meet.

At Mulhouse, Garry switched to route 15 and, after a very brief visit to Switzerland, headed north following the mighty Rhine. Passing through Germany and the Netherlands before getting a ferry back to England.

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France October 2019
Switzerland October 2019
Germany October 2019
Holland October 2019
England October 2019

























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  1. Nice photos! You lost me when you left france. Will you ever get that op done. Perhaps you could try another hospital where they don’t know you. The road works over here would make you blow your top.

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