March 2015 Update

March started off with my tour of East England. Which I felt did me the world of good both physically and psychologically. Admittedly at first I was finding it really hard going and was really struggling especially on the first week but that may have had something to do with the fact that I never really had somewhere to aim for I was just following the coast round.Purfleet quay Kings Lynn The second week was a lot better maybe because I was a bit more comfortable or maybe because I had a destination to aim for! (Kings Lynn) I always find I’m more motivated when I have a specific place to get to rather than just ambling around! And after 400 miles or so I really started to feel good and was no longer struggling at all! (Not on the bike anyway) The only trouble was it was right at the end of my tour as I had to be home for the hospital! But the benefits of my tour have continued still and now at the end of the month I seem to be back at that stage where I’m feeling fine and comfortable until I try and do something, standing around really hurts although leaning on something i.e.; a bar relieve it! Walking, initially I’m ok and can walk quite a bit (quite a bit for me these days is half a mile!) but it doesn’t take long before I’m in pain and have to stop and relieve the pressure on my back by either sitting down or just leaning on something! Best go on another cycle tour I think! One thing I did miss when I came home was Puss not being here to greet me, the house definitely felt a bit empty!


I’ve had another MRI scan this month unfortunately I won’t get the results until the middle of next month due to my consultant being fully booked up and also the Easter holidays so yet another wait! I was also doing some hydro therapy this month which I felt was really doing some good and I actually felt as though I was making some progress unfortunately that has ended and I now have to wait at least another month before I can get anymore even if I pay for it!


Fish and chips on Brighton beachJulie was on holiday at the end of the month so we went out for a couple of days which was nice, one day we got the train along the coast to Worthing stopped in Brighton to have fish and chips on the beach before cycling on as far as Rottingdean then back to Brighton before getting the train back home, a very leisurely ride of 20 miles or so mainly on cycle paths and it also follows the coast, also it was Julies first outing on her bike this year so best be a little bit gentle on her! Another day we drove along the coast to Hastings not for any particular reason more because we’d never been there, I know I was there a couple of weeks ago but when I’m travelling by bike I’m not very good at stopping and looking around I just tend to cycle straight through most places!The net shops at Hastings Hastings was your typical British seaside town that had seen better days and was now looking rather tired and run down, however the old part of town was a lot more interesting it is a charming mix of half-timbered houses, narrow streets and passageways with small independent shops. Along the seafront are the tall black wooden “net shops” used to store fishing nets and their gear. (I always thought that they were smoke houses!)Unfortunately by then I’d had enough of walking and was in a lot of pain so didn’t really enjoy it! On the last day of Julie’s holiday we went to Christchurch just to the west of the New Forest where the rivers Avon and Stour meet which flow into Christchurch harbour. Again we had a lovely walk here walking along the river Avon and then along the quay feeding the swans and birds,Feeding the swans in Christchurch until once again I was starting to become too uncomfortable! Still it was another nice day. The one good thing about my back being bad if there is anything that’s good about it is that I’m spending a bit more time touring England rather than going abroad, you forget what a beautiful country Britain really is!

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