March 2018 Update


Now is this just a getting old thing or is it me being useless? Everything I do takes so long and is such hard work!

My phone packed up at the end of last month, so I had to get a new one, which was fine, but it took me a week or two to get my apps, ringtones and passwords on to it! And then I needed assistance! I remember when older people used to ask me to set up the video recorder or tune the TV in, no problem! Now I’m the one asking younger people to sort things out for me!

Man and bike
Garry along Felpham seafront

It had been a lovely week weather-wise, and I was feeling good! So I decided that come the weekend I would go away camping on the Isle of Wight.

Saturday morning arrived, and I knew there wasn’t any rush, after all, it was only about 40-miles to the campsite.

After a few chores at home, I started to gather my stuff together. The weather forecast wasn’t looking good as this “beast from the east” thing was due to return, which meant more snow! But I was hoping to get to the campsite before it came in!

Snow by the road
Still plenty of snow on the Isle of Wight

I gathered my bits together, most of them being packed anyway apart from clothes, so off I went upstairs to pack. When I came back downstairs, the weather had changed, and it had started to snow and was coming down pretty heavily!

I didn’t mind it snowing once I was set up, but I didn’t fancy cycling in the snow it’s hard enough these days as it is! So after a bit of thought and seeing just how hard it was coming down, I decided to abandon my trip and stay at home.

The following week, however, I did manage to get to the Isle of Wight and judging by some of the snow that was still around it was probably just as well I stayed at home last week!

Man and tent
Garry in the New Forest

After visiting the Isle of Wight, I continued to the New Forest and from there continued up to Greywell and then onto London, turning it into a nice few days away. I didn’t cover a huge amount of miles, but it was good to be out on the bike! Even though some days it was a real struggle!

I learnt a few things on my little ride around the south of England! I think I’ve worked out what I’m allergic to and has been causing rash I’ve been having for the past few years. Me, I’m allergic to myself! Or that’s what it seems like.

Garry had a bit of an altercation with this bunch of idiots on his tour

I think it’s my sweat that’s causing it! I’ve been fairly inactive lately and also the fact that it’s been winter so I’ve not been sweating very much and my rash seems to have been ok! Then the first time I go on tour and start to work up a sweat, it’s back! I couldn’t stop itching and still can’t! Now I don’t whether this information is any good or not as I don’t see how I can avoid sweating! The specialist has already told me that it’s not sweating, but I can’t see as it’s anything else!

The other thing I learned was that my sciatica is worse than I thought and isn’t related to my hip!

As I cycled along it wasn’t my hip that was the problem it’s my leg, it goes numb, and I find it very uncomfortable. It’s my hip that’s making walking difficult, but on the bike, it’s not too bad, okay it does hurt a bit, but this is dwarfed by the uncomfortableness I feel from my sciatic leg! Hopefully, it will get better over time!

I’ve started to put some videos together from my last little ride, but their not quite ready yet but if you’d like to know when they’re out, click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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2 Replies to “March 2018 Update”

  1. Hi Garry! I wish I had your gumption. The human body is a real box of tricks – fnacy being able to ride with sciatica. Glad you are going to carry on with the videos. I’m pushing my Dawes but it doesn’t seem to have any momentum. Have you thought of doing the Languedoc and Roussillon area? You’ll still be cycling even if they leave you with one leg.
    Best wishes – Malc

    1. Box of tricks, more like an enigma! Or at least mine seems to be!
      No luck on a new electric bike then?
      Now you keep trying to confuse me with your different areas I should go to! Thankfully these days we have Google, and they are easy to look up!
      I passed through the Languedoc-Roussillon area of southern France in my 2011 tour
      The first instalment of videos should be published today on YouTube

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