May 2017 Update Ammendment 

I feel that I’d better just do a quick update on my latest post.

Although I’ve had a few problems over the past month or so I’m really not that bad and certainly didn’t intend to come across in such a negative manner!

MSR Tour 2
All set up for the night

I think part of the problem was that I wrote the update at the end of the day and was in a lot of pain and not very happy! Nothing new there then!

Garry McGivern
Is it a smile or a grimace!

But as you can see I’m still smiling and currently down in the New Forest on my bike.

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    1. It’s Brockenhurst, I think the hotel your thinking of is “The Balmer Lawn” which is just down the road, next to Hollands Wood the campsite I stay at.

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