May 2017 Update

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to change the tagline of the website from “travels on a bike 2” to “travels 2 to the hospital”!

As you may have realised from the previous statement, it’s not been a very good month on the health front!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been having one or two problems and have been getting short of breath, so I went to the doctors to get checked over, where he done a full examination, blood pressure, ECG, and blood tests!

All the tests came back negative, liver, kidneys and diabetes were all ok, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me apart from my blood pressure and cholesterol which were both slightly high! Which have both come down now, I don’t think it helped the test results by having a bottle of red wine and a huge ribeye steak the night before my tests!

Back in hospital the view from my bed

Finding that everything checked out ok, they then thought that I might have angina, so they sent me for an angiogram, which once again came back as negative!

After all the tests and not being able to find anything I once again seem to be a bit of a mystery to the medical profession!

Mystery rash
Garry’s mystery rash

Alongside my shortness of breath my other mystery ailment my rash, seems to have come back and I’m back on steroids for that!

And finally, on the ailment front, my back is bad again, and not even the steroids seem to be helping with that one this time, I’m even finding it quite hard riding the bike!

I must admit that I am struggling with all these ailments, and find it hard to think that for somebody that is so fit in one respect i.e.; can ride a bike for miles I get so many problems!

On the positive side, at least I know that my liver not pickled and that I do indeed have a heart despite what people say!! Also, the shortness of breath is a lot better now!

The New Forest
The New Forest

Despite all my ailments and health issues, I’ve at least managed to get away on a couple of occasions this month.

New Forest
Ponies in the New Forest

At the beginning of the month I had my little trip down to the New Forest, and at the end of the month, I went to the Isle of Wight. Both not very far and neither very new to me but with all these different hospital appointments and work commitments, it’s all I could manage!

Warsash Hamble ferry
The little pink ferry that runs between Warsash and the Hamble

Hopefully, June will be a better month on the cycling and health front, and I’ll be able to get away a bit more!

2 Replies to “May 2017 Update”

  1. I did that crossing to Warsash when it was just a rowing boat. That is the thing – once you’re in the saddle you can do 80 miles. Build on that and don’t let those medics f*** you up. I’ve got back ache but I cycled to East Cowes yesterday. The floating bridge is caput.
    The time we met was at St Malo. You did most of Normandy. I took the canal paths to Nantes.
    Cycling! It’s better than gardening.
    Best wishes – Malc

    1. Thanks Malcolm, after a weekend cycling around the New Forest and Isle of Wight my back is feeling a lot better.
      Glad you’re still cycling, I found out for myself that the floating bridge still isn’t working and had to get the smaller launch they’ve put on in it’s place. And that did hurt my back having to lift my bike onto it!

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