Cycle Touring India Monday 10th October. Malsne to Dhule. 64 miles.

The view from my hotel room last night looked out over some agricultural land which was being farmed by a local teacher. He was using an ox and cart so I took some pictures of him and was sort of talking to him along with the manager, who wouldn’t leave my side, in a friendly way though. Anyway when I went down to the restaurant the farmer only came in and gave me some ground nuts, or as we call them monkey nuts.

Roadside shrine
A shrine along the roadside

I tried to get away nice and early this morning but the very friendly and nice manager just wouldn’t let me go he just wanted to talk to me and kept plying me with coffee, not that I understood too much as his English wasn’t great, but still it was better than my Hindi!

I eventually got away from the hotel and had a nice flat ride for a while, I was feeling a lot better today and it wasn’t such hard work as it has been, but then it was a lot flatter!

Having the internet tonight means that I can see where I’ve been these past two days! Although obviously I know where I am just not in any detail!

The Satmala hills
The Satmala hills

I’ve been in the Satmala hills which is probably another reason why it was a bit hard going. When I came up that bug climb on Saturday that was the Ghat and or hill to get up and today fairly early on I came down the Ghat!

Anyway four hours in to my ride today a car pulls up in front of me with an arm hanging out gesturing me to pull up alongside! It was only the blooming manager from the hotel! He was also on his way to Dhule where I was heading! I think I’m being stalked!

Almost had an accident today, a goat ran out in front of me but luckily we never made contact and the goat scampered away whilst I continued on my bike, a little shaken but fine!!

The page title image is of a market just for onions, I’ve been smelling them as i’ve been going along.

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  1. Garry m from Dhule and would like to say the human nature of dat manager u captured in ur blog is awesome! Preetesh Sharma!

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