Bike-Ride to Australia 12th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 12th-March-2012 Kudus to Brondong. 122 miles. After a good night’s sleep, I felt a little more relaxed this morning. Although my phone’s still not working! That was until I went for breakfast! I’d done my usual thing of loading the bike up, then going for breakfast. That way, I can get on the road straight away once I’ve checked out.

I’d nearly finished breakfast when the waitress came over and asked if I could move my bike. No problem, I’d nearly finished anyway. I finished my coffee and went outside to move my bike, only to find some officious security guard trying to move it! They do like to stamp their authority and make sure you park in the correct place! And maybe he was already upset with me for leaving it behind reception last night.

Small boats on a beach
The fishing fleet is in today

With Vodaphone still in the back of my head, I let rip and gave him a mouthful of abuse and told him where to go! I wouldn’t have normally been that rude, but what with my phone still not working and him moving my bike. he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! I did, however, feel a little guilty afterwards. But it was his own fault he shouldn’t have touched my bike! I’ve now decided to blame Vodaphone for anything that goes wrong on this trip!

A Good Ride

It’s been a mainly flat ride today, as has all of Java. And I’ve had a nice tailwind, enabling me to make good progress. I need to up my daily mileage a bit. I fly to Australia on Sunday. And I want to be in Bali Thursday night or early Friday morning. I need to source a box to pack my bike in.

Well, I certainly up my mileage. I missed the town I’d intended to stop in tonight and just rode straight through! I had intended to stop in Tuban, but it wasn’t as big a place as I’d thought. And before I knew where I was, I was heading out of town! And me being me, I wasn’t going to turn around. Luckily, though, I only had to cycle another twenty miles before finding this place. I’m staying in some resort with its own theme park! It’s a bit pricey, but hey, after 122 miles, I’ve had enough!

Despite having a long day and cycling 122 miles, I feel pretty relaxed and a lot less stressed than I was this morning. That might all change. I’m just about to phone that mobile phone company. I can’t even say their name now without getting wound up!

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  1. Hi Gary, try to visit Ubudnd try the chocolate cakes on offer….out of this world….keep on peddling, amazing. Rob….

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