Monday 12th March 2012 – Kudus to Lamongan.

Kudus to Lamongan. 122 miles

Didn’t get off to the best of starts this morning. I normally get up load the bike up then have breakfast, that way after breakfast all I have to do is checkout and go. Done that as normal and left my bike locked up outside the front of the hotel and went to have breakfast. I was nearly finished when one of the waitresses came and asked if I could move my bike, I said I’ll be there in a moment I’m just finishing my coffee, ok she said and off she went. Finished my coffee and went out to move my bike, only to find some officious security guard trying to move it, they like you to keep it in the proper parking place, not that it was there over night it was just behind reception, which always winds them up think. Soon gave him a bit of verbal and a glare! Think that done me good to let of a bit of steam off, as I was still wound up over my phone!

Mainly flat today as has all of Java been, had a nice tail wind again and made good progress, need to up my daily mileage a bit as I want to be in Bali Thursday night or early Friday so I can source a box for my bike and pack it away I fly to Australia Sunday.

Missed the town I was going to stop at tonight! I was looking at a different town on the map and thinking it was a lot bigger, so I was trying to get through it first before finding a hotel, rode past quite a few thinking I’ll look soon I’ve not been here long, before I knew it I was out the other side! Luckily it was only another 20 miles before I found this hotel, bit pricey, it’s a resort with it’s own theme park!

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  1. Hi Gary, try to visit Ubudnd try the chocolate cakes on offer….out of this world….keep on peddling, amazing. Rob….

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