Monday 13th August 2012 – Kurdamir to Baku.

Kurdamir to Baku. 121 miles.

Been up most of the night with a dodgy stomach and was debating whether to stay another night or not! In the end I decided to move on, I’d already got a hotel booked in Baku and had changed it once. I was only planning on cycling 80 miles then finding a hotel and just leave the 40 or so miles for tomorrow! Well that was the plan, done my 80 miles and arrived at the town where I planned to stay only to find that there wasn’t any accommodation, the nearest hotels were in Baku 40 miles away!

Off I set again in the hope that I might spot something before Baku, I was really starting to feel week, I’d not had anything to eat apart from a few biscuits, through fear of it passing straight through! Been drinking plenty, but in 40+ degree heat it I was really starting to feel it.

Eventually I arrived on the outskirts of Baku just before 6, I was going to stop at the first hotel I could find, but they were the expensive resort ones, so pushed on into the city, after not seeing any cheaper places again I decided to find the hotel I was booked into from tomorrow night.

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