Monday 15 September. Brora to John O’Groats. 63 miles.

Not enjoyed today, in fact the only part I enjoyed was finishing! It’s been a hard ride today, there’s been a strong headwind and it’s been very hilly, I even had to pedal when I was going downhill which is always really disappointing and it started to rain for the last 18 miles! There’s not really been anywhere to stop and the one time I did stop I got accosted by some old lady who proceeded to tell me her life story! I couldn’t even escape as I’d got a coffee and couldn’t cycle with that in hand! John O’Groats was a bit of a let down, not too sure what I thought it would be but there certainly isn’t a lot here! If Scotland does go independent there’ll be no more Lands End to John O’Groats wonder where the most northern point in the UK will be? Now to work out a way home, don’t have enough time to cycle it!

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