Monday 15th April. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 13 miles.

Not a lot going on today and as predicted I did end up getting the train home!

I don’t enjoy the ride home from Portsmouth at the best of times, so I’m certainly not going to battle against some strong headwind, if I don’t have to!

Ryde harbour

Sad news on the accident I mentioned yesterday. Apparently it involved a bus, one person lost their life and 19 others were taken to hospital! My condolences to all involved.

Hovercraft on the sea
The Ryde hovercraft battling against the wind

Not a huge amount of miles covered these past few days, but then it was never about that! It was more a case of getting back to some of my regular campsites that have only just opened up for the season.

Total miles covered 103.

2 Replies to “Monday 15th April. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 13 miles.”

  1. Hi Garry! I can’t keep up with you on my computer let alone a bicycle. I got half way to Island Harbour in that terrible wind. You did the right thing to get the train back. I’m hoping to get to Brighton next month to see thr elm trees in Preston Park.
    Best wishes – Malc.

    1. Good on you for even trying!
      Brighton will be nice, I always enjoy going there, although I never venture as far as Preston park.

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